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Bide the Golden Rule Ye Must

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My name is Saralynn, and I'm a newly self-employed single mother-to-be. I live in the US with my guide dog, a black labrador retriever of boundless energy.

I enjoy writing, reading, horseback riding, creative roleplaying, swimming, camping, canoeing, rock climbing, baking and more. Trust me, this page isn't large enough to house all my interests.

My mother is my hero and I can only hope that when it is my turn, I will be at least half the mom she did not have to be. I pray every moment of every day that she is with me for many years to come. I would be utterly lost and alone without her.

This journal will include disjointed ramblings, favorite recipes, my dog's antics, pregnancy updates, employment triumphs and woes, stories, poems, complaints, rants and more. Check out my interests and the few entries I've marked as public. If you think we might have something in common, feel free to friend me!

Please see the "Friends Only" post at the top of this journal for more friending details.

Interests (103):

acting, ancient languages, anthropology, assistive technology, astronomy, audio composition, audio drama, audio marketing, audio mixing, audio production, baking, bike riding, blind, bonfires, braille, braille books, braille proofreading, business marketing, business marketing tools, business opportunities, campfires, camping, candles, canoeing, child psychology, children, christianity, creative roleplaying, cruises, dogs, egypt, email marketing, exercise, fanfiction, figure skating, foreign languages, gdb, greece, guide dogs, harry potter, historical romance, history, horseback riding, horses, ice skating, imagination, inheritance cycle, interactive fiction, interactive roleplaying, interactive stories, interactive writing, italy, knights, live action roleplaying, lord of the rings, magic, making music, medieval castles, medieval culture, medieval times, nature, nature listening, new zealand, nfb, offline marketing, online marketing, over the phone roleplaying, paganism, paranormal phenomenon’s, phone roleplaying, psychics, psychology, public transportation, reading, renaissance fairs, rock climbing, roleplaying, scotland, shamanic journeying, singing, small business marketing tools, spirituality, swimming, swordplay, tandom bike riding, tarot cards, tarot readings, text message marketing, the chronicles of narnia, the chronicles of prydain, the circle of ceridwen, the paranormal, therapy dogs, traveling, video marketing, visually impaired, voice acting, wicca, writing, zip nada zilch, znz, znz big cash, znz one
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